Wear Studs

Studco Studwelding Australia specialises in the production of high-quality wear studs (often referred to as button studs) that are designed with enhanced durability and strength for your project’s needs.

All of our wear studs are engineered with the toughest materials, such as chromium carbide, in order to withstand the most aggressive wear situations.

Features of Studco’s Wear Studs:

Superior Strength: Our wear studs are constructed with the strongest materials, offering superior durability compared to competitors.

Wide Range of Sizes: We have wear studs available in various sizes to meet the specific requirements of your project.

High Quality: Our wear studs reflect the high standards of quality and performance synonymous with our products.

Whether you are looking to fit wear studs to new equipment or existing machinery, Studco Studwelding’s wear studs and button studs are the top choice for both quality and durability.

Contact us today to see how our solutions can benefit your business, with Australian and International shipping available from our Perth-based warehouse.

What are wear studs?

Wear Studs are hardened chromium carbide-rich buttons that are often welded to surfaces of equipment that frequently engages with the ground, such as Iron-Ore handling equipment like ship loader wheel buckets.

How are wear studs made?

Studco’s wear studs are made through our rigorous manufacturing process to meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Can you custom-make wear studs for my project?

Our team can work with you to custom-make wear studs in large quantities for your next project. Contact us today to see how we can assist.

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