Optus Stadium

Using nearly 250,000 shear connectors.

Perth’s new Optus Stadium, used nearly 250,000 shear connectors. Studco were involved in studwelding beams onsite thru-deck and also to save site time welding many beams off-site before transport.

Interesting fact, the new Stadium has the largest number of LED lights of any Stadium in the world, and can orchestrate its own light shows for the fans.

Brookfield Place (The BHP Tower Perth)

48 Storey, 80,000 sqm Deck, 240,000 shear studs.

Brookfield Place, sometimes called the BHP Tower is BHP’s new headquarters after decades of being based in Melbourne. Studco installed 80,000 sqm of Kingflor and 240,000 shear connectors. Steel Concrete Composite construction is faster, lighter and required less temporary works and labour than other construction methods. Studco, utilising only 6 to 8 men, were at some times in the project completing a floor per week, being approx. 1800 sqm of deck and 6000 studs every week.

RAC Arena Perth

Ground-breaking design and architecture

An amazing looking building with fantastic functionality also. This is one of Studco’s first large-scale construction projects.

Studco cut its teeth on this project. Learning the day to day dramas (and changes) that occur every day on a fast moving government project. But they stepped up to the challenge and completed all works under budget and within set time constraints.

Kununurra Courthouse

Remote location, amazing building

When Studco were asked to mobilise to a relatively remote location some 3500km from home, their response was “why not”. The Kununurra Courthouse is an amazing design and lifts the face of Kununurra with its modern cutting edge design. Studco was more than happy to be involved in such a great project, and will always have fond memories of this great town.

Worsley Alumina Refinery

Studwelding 4 storey building expansion

Refineries are a tricky prospect, both from a QA and a OH&S standpoint. Challenges are thrown up at you every day on site. Studco successfully installed about 2000 sqm of Bondeck and welded about 7000 Shear Connectors Thru-deck. Fun fact, the building and majority of construction works were completed approx. 200m from the main operations, and the whole building was then jacked up and driven into its final resting place.

Sino Iron Ore Project (near Karratha)

Some 40,000 shear studs, 22mm studs Thru-deck

Studco installed some 40,000 off, 22mm shear connectors Thru-deck Onsite. Many studwelding companies will not weld 22mm studs Thru-deck, as it is a difficult weld set-up. But Studco took on the challenge and worked thru approximately 1200 studs per day.

Perth Children's Hospital

Studco installed thousands of studs from early ground-works.

The New Perth Children’s Hospital is a cutting edge facility rivalling most hospitals around the world with its modern 21st century design and facilities.

Studco were there from the early stages of ground works with retainer piling, right up until the end studwelding the overpass linking the new hospital to the existing hospital building.

BHP Southflank Wear Liners

Studco Threaded Arc Studs.

Studco were heavily involved the studwelding supplies and installations needed for the BHP Southflank Mine. Thousands of wear liners were required for this project, and tens of thousands of threaded arc studs.