Studwelding Benefits and Uses

You may not realise it, but much of our major infrastructure is built utilising an essentially invisible type of welding that we take for granted. This process is known as stud welding.

Studwelding, used often in large infrastructure projects, is a semi-automated welding process for fusing reinforcement anchors and threaded parts to steelwork. It is a fast effective timed arc-welding process, and being semi-automated required less skill from the operator and rapid repeatability. Welding up to 2000 studs per day.

These are the benefits that stud welding has over other methods of welding.

Fast, Efficient and Reliable

Studwelding is a fast and effective procedure that will save you money and time on your project if you use the appropriate technique and the tools and equipment that Studco supplies. Studco is the Australian distributor for Nelson Studwelding, in fact, Ted Nelson invented Studwelding some 75 years ago. During World War II the US Navy used stud welding to fasten timber decking to steel warships, it is estimated to have saved over 50 million man-hours!

When it comes to welding, studwelding is a trustworthy procedure. Because no hole in the material is required prior to application, there is less opportunity for corrosion to develop and any leakage to occur. The remaining welds are robust and can tolerate shocks, weather, and strain.

Easy Access and Greater Flexibility

When studwelding, you only need access to one side of the metal sheet or material, as opposed to spot welding, which requires access to both sides.

Studwelding is also far more adaptable in terms of the materials and equipment that may be utilised with it. When the proper tools and studs are used, it is ideal for coated, uneven, thick, and even corroded materials, and may be used on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium materials.

Due to the number of materials that can utilise studwelding, its application is popular in many industries including Military, Navy, Aerospace, Automotive and Maritime structures.

Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the most significant advantages of studwelding is that the welded metal is virtually unnoticeable from one side. Because a stud weld fastens from just one side, only that weld is visible, and the opposite side displays no indication of welding. This is advantageous in professions that rely on clean and polished looks.

The Studwelding Professionals

Studco Studwelding, with a combined knowledge of over 40 years, doesn’t take Studwelding for granted, that’s why it’s in our name. We stand behind our products. If you need stud welding equipment, insulation pins, shear studs, and threaded weld studs, or are looking for experienced Stud welders (in specific locations), look no further than Studco.